What do the "Event Status" mean at the bottom of your SWOOP page? 

The event status is a guide to help you understand where your progress through your Organizing Journey. This support article will help you understand what each "Event Status" means, how to continue moving forward and make progress. 

The "Event Statuses" are:  

"New Application" Status 

If you see this Event Status, it means you have just submitted your Techstars Startup Weekend application to organize your event. Your Regional Manager will be getting in touch with you soon to schedule a "Welcome Call". If you are new to Techstars Startup Weekend, your Regional Manager will walk through with you what it takes to organize a Techstars Startup Weekend event, and will determine if your team is ready to undertake the challenge. 

If you are a Repeat Organizer, your Regional Manager will go through any updates we have had since the last time you organized. 

"Prospective" Status 

This status means your team has been contacted by your Regional Manager and are waiting to hold this "Welcome Call". 

If you haven't scheduled a time to meet with your Regional Manager, do so as quickly as possible to move along the process. 

"Rejected Application" Status

There are a couple of scenarios that can lead you to see this Event Status: 

  • Duplicated Application
  • Organizing team does not reply back to their Regional Manager 
  • The team is not ready to host a Techstars Startup Weekend event

If you are a Repeat Organizer and believe you are seeing this event status by mistake, please contact your Regional Manager. If you had a duplicate application, please ignore the event that does have this event status and use the other event application with the proper status. 

"Setup Event" Status

This event status means the Techstars Startup Weekend team is setting up your event with the following items to help you on your Organizing Journey:

  • A ticketing platform
  • A Community Site ready pre-populated with an event description and images
  • An email group (aka distribution list) in the format of "CITY@startupweekend.org" that will help you communicate with your attendees, sponsors, and outside stakeholders. This email group is also used by your Regional Manager to communicate with your team. 

"Tentative" Status 

If you see this event status it means you have received information on your 1) Ticketing Platform, 2) Community Site, and 3) Email group through a "Welcome Package" email.

If you see your event in "Tentative" status and have not received your "Welcome Package", please contact us at "help@techstars.com". 

This event status also means you need to do three things in order to move along the process:

  1. Secure a venue 
  2. Have your Ticketing Platform be public and available to register attendees for your event
  3. Have your Community Site ready to be published

This "Welcome Package" also provides information on our Global Sponsors you can take into consideration moving forward. 

Once you have these three things, contact your Regional Manager and he/she will move your event along the process. 

Note: Your Community Site is not public to be viewed while in "Tentative" status. For your Community Site to be published, your event needs to be in "Working" status. 

"Working" Status 


Once you reach the "Working" status, it means your team is selling tickets, your Community Site is live, you're promoting your event, securing sponsorships, reaching out to vendors and trying to build a buzz around your Techstars Startup Weekend event. 

Keep up the effort! This is the time when the team needs to work together to create the best Techstars Startup Weekend event your community has seen. 

Your Region Manager is also looking to pair your event with an Official Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator. A Facilitator is someone who is an experienced organizer who is there to help you  successfully host your Techstars Startup Weekend event and is in charge of the Attendee experience at your Techstars Startup Weekend event.

"Good" Status

Your Regional Manager will set your event to "Good" status once your event has approximately 20 tickets sold, the team is in good shape with sponsors secured, vendors locked down, and your event has a Facilitator assigned.

You're set to host your Techstars Startup Weekend event! 

"Closed" Status

This status means your event happened successfully! 

There are still some items to check off once your Techstars Startup Weekend event concludes. 

For your event to be in "Closed" status, you need to have the following items: 

  • Expenses need to be submitted into SWOOP
  • Post-event surveys results are delivered to your team by Techstars Startup Weekend staff
  • Al reimbursements to your team are complete
  • Your Regional Manager has hosted a "Wrap-up Call" with your team  

If you have any questions, do feel free to reach to us at help@techstars.com