Hey Organizers, ever been in one of the following situations? 

  • Going to the print shop to make some nice posters, only to realize that your event link is a mile long?

  • Trying to tell someone in person where they should find more information about your event and not being able to remember that whole URL?

  • Trying to tweet/post/gram/whatever about your event and all your space taken up with a URL?

If these or other similar situations have ever bogged down your event marketing just a bit, listen up! We’ve just launched a new little tool for you to try out.

We’ve set up a simple form on link.startupweekend.org that will allow you to generate a custom shortlink for your event, on the Techstars Startup Weekend URL. Check it out:

First, put in your existing (looooong) link


In the next field, type what you want your slug to be (the easy to remember phrase for your event, like sw2017 or seattle17 or what have you). We recommend using the same phrase as your #hashtag. Type only the phrase--no slash, no other text.


Last, tell us where to send your link. Any email address you have access to will do!


Hit enter and in about 30 seconds to a minute, a new link will arrive in your inbox that looks something like this: 


Click it to test it and off you go! If for some reason, the link doesn’t work, send us a note at help@techstars.com and we will help you out. In future versions of the SWOOP/ticketing platform we provide, we aim to have a feature like this built into the experience. In the meantime, we wanted to give you something to make things a little easier and a little prettier. 

Please don’t share this tool beyond the Organizing community, at this time anyone can use the link and we don’t want anyone scooping up all your great URL slugs. Also, please limit to this to use with event links and only generate one shortlink per event.