Typical Expenses

  • Food and Drink
    Food is easily the most costly expense, and the most important! The actual costs will vary by location, but your budget should allow for 7 meals over course of the weekend, plus snacks, coffee/tea, water, and other beverages. For a detailed breakdown on how to keep your food and drink costs low, see the Food section.

  • Venue
    We strongly encourage finding a donated/sponsored venue for the event. See the Picking a Venue Section for a more detailed breakdown.

  • Supplies
    Consider the basics: rented tables/chairs, name-tags, markers, dry-erasers, paper, post-it notes, sketch-pads, tape, plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Depending on what is provided by the venue, supplies can cost between $2-8 per participant (this varies by region.)

Extras: Depending on your venue you may need to rent A/V equipment and other “venue-related” supplies. Assessing what your venue provides is very important.

  • Startup Weekend Facilitator Travel and Accommodation
    Set aside enough funds to cover the cost of a local/regional flight, plus three nights of accommodation. This expense will often be lower (as facilitators will often be willing to sleep on couches, or be travelling locally). A good estimate is $500USD (or equivalent) for an event in the US, Canada or Europe.

  • Marketing Materials
    If you plan on pursuing traditional marketing tactics (printing flyers, paying for advertising space, etc.), account for this in the budget. Use social media as much as you can to save money on promoting your event.

  • SWAG
    T-shirts, stickers, water bottles, mugs, tote bags, notepads, pens etc. It’s always a good idea to have something fun for attendees to take home from the event.

Expenses We Cannot Reimburse

Please note we are not able to reimburse some expenses that seem to provide more personal benefit then for the event. Things we cannot reimburse include

  • Cash given for prizes (we do not allow cash prizes)
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Speakers or PA