By now you should have your food ordered, if you have money to spare it is highly ideal to purchase snacks, in addition to meals. The easiest and most cost effective way to manage snacks and beverages is to purchase these items in bulk from a large discount supermarket before the event. Find a secure space in the venue to store the food/drink, and bring it out in shifts throughout the weekend.

Water is the one exception to this rule: be sure to have plenty of water available at all times throughout the weekend. If available, the best solution is to provide cups and simply use the venue’s water source. An alternative cost- and waste-saving solution is to rent 1-2 water dispensers for the weekend. Finally, buy cases of bottled water as a last resort.

Typically, you should try to have coffee, tea (and/or other types of caffeinated beverages) available at most times throughout the weekend. Attendees will be running low on sleep and will appreciate the energy boost! For this same reason, sugar-heavy snacks (cookies, candy, etc.) are popular, though there are healthier alternatives such as fruit and nuts that will actually provide more staying power and fewer crashes.