Unless otherwise agreed upon with your regional manager, all Startup Weekends must charge for admission. We’ve found that a small barrier to entry, in the form of a ticket price, increases the quality of the attendees and significantly decreases the cancellation and drop-out rate. Wherever possible, SW uses the Eventbrite ticketing platform to receive incoming ticket sales.

Example Ticket Prices by Region:

USA Europe LATAM Brasil MENA India Asia
$99 USD €85 EUR MX $600 R$ 120 $50 USD INR 2500 $30 USD

Prices will vary by community. From our experience in holding these events in countries around the world, it’s important to adapt the ticket price to its local context. If our standard processes regarding ticket sales and sponsorships don’t apply to your region, a member of the Techstars team will discuss alternative arrangements in your initial call.