Want a custom SW Banner and logo? You can request one here. 

Currently, we're designing custom banners and tiles with Community Sites in mind. 

We're only able to do a single pass at the custom banner designs and don't have bandwidth to handle revisions. We're passing along the layered creative files to everyone in hopes that members of the organizing teams might be savvy with creative files and make any tweaks as needed. 

Make sure to be as specific as possible with your design, provide image examples, and give measurements if possible.

What are these file types? Which one should I use?


This is a basic image file which you can upload to a website.

Layered Files

We’ve included the layered working files in the Adobe Illustrator .ai format.  If you have the resources to make use of these and adapt them for other applications, feel free open them up and get your hands dirty.  

Note: make this request early as it will take ~10 days to complete. You’ll receive a scalable PNG (for digital assets) and PDF (for T-shirts and swag).