Picking a good date for your Startup Weekend event is crucial. You don’t want to compete with other events (or holidays) in your city that will attract the same people. Here are our suggestions for picking a date:

  • Check local tech and community calendars to make sure you don’t pick a date that conflicts with other popular events.

  • Be sure to check Meetup.comFacebookStartup Digest, and other online event sites for related events.

  • Check holiday and religious calendars.

  • Consider university calendars. Be sure not to schedule the event during exam times or sporting event (especially if your area is known for big tailgating crowds!)

  • Use search engines like Google to search for “your city” + “date.”

  • Chat with your regional manager to learn more about dates that have worked well for your community in the past.

  • Check for any event conflicts within the driving area of your community.

We’ve found that scheduling your Startup Weekend after another large entrepreneur/ tech event can often drive more participation. If you do, reach out to the event organizers and ask if you can cross-promote each others events.