So you've decided to organize a Startup Weekend event. You will probably ask yourself, "where do I even begin?" Good question. 

Right off the bat, you should have received a Welcome Package with the following information.

  • Mailing Group Information
  • Ticketing Platform Login
  • Community Site URL

Step 1: Platform Access

Your first order of business is as follows:

  1. Ensure that everyone on your team has and is on the distribution list
  2. Login to Eventbrite and set up the ticketing page then share the password with your team members
  3. Login to SWOOP and add everyone on your team
  4. If you are having trouble with any of the above, create a Support Ticket or email us at

Step 2: Distributing Kits, Info, & Roles

You will receive a Startup Weekend Group email from from our staff in an email. Ensure that everyone who is pertinent to the team is added to the team, initially everyone that was on the application will be added automatically. If you want to add someone new please create a support ticket with their prospective emails and include your SW group email. Always use this email in any important event planning matter to increase transparency. 

Make sure you are well acquainted with this website, every section has actionable items and answers to commonly asked questions. gather your team together and split everyone into the following roles; operations, marketing, sponsors, technical, and finance. People can cover more than one kit or share the kits. Just ensure every kit is covered. Every kit has an intuitive knowledge flow to make it easier to lay a foundation for your event.

Step 3: Resources

Download or acquaint yourself to the following materials to help you organize your team

Step 4: Set up Meetings

Whether by phone, internet, or in person create a schedule that works for everyone to consistently meet up and discuss strategy, problems, or to seek help. A good way to gauge everyone's availability is to send out a doodle.

Step 5: Bookmark this Website!

No explanation needed here, this site will be useful to come back to whenever you have questions. You can always find resources and help on this website 24/7. Simply search for your query if you can't find an answer contact us by clicking "New Support Ticket" we will respond as soon as possible and you can always keep track of your requests to us!