What does it Cover?


This insurance covers accidents you may be liable for, i.e., slips and falls. You are holding an event and there is a slip and fall, if the injuries are bad enough a lawsuit will probably be brought against Techstars and chances are they will be naming the venue as well. 

Unfortunately, when lawsuits are brought against anyone, they name everyone, i.e., you, then venue, other vendors and slowly dismiss the companies not involved. There will be legal fees related to that and the venue wants to make sure your policy will provide coverage for that.

Property Damage:

The General Liability coverage also picks up the property damage, as long as you are negligent.  So if the building had faulty wiring and ultimately that’s what causes the fire, that’s on the building owner.

Automobile liability

Employer's Non-Ownership Coverage: This coverage provides liability protection when an employee occasionally has to drive his or her personally owned vehicle for business purposes. This assumes that the vehicle is not owned, registered or contracted in your name or on your behalf.

You can find directions on receiving proof of liability insurance for a venue here

You can download a General Liability form below.