Please visit our branding website for new logos, banners, and options to create your Startup Weekend design: Click Here

Branding Requirements

  • Startup Weekend is a stand-alone event and cannot be co-branded.
    Co-branded events rarely add extra value to Startup Weekend and frequently cause additional problems and/or add unnecessary pressure to the local organizers. We want attendees to know they aren’t being sold something—they are there to work on their own ideas.

  • Startup Weekend must be named according to the following standard: 

    Startup Weekend + [City Name] or [City Name] + Startup Weekend

    Note: This requirement does not apply to university, themed, or corporate events. Please contact the Startup Weekend team for alternative naming arrangements.

  • All event logos, banners, and other marketing materials must include the following:

    The Startup Weekend beaker logo The text: “Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs”

You can find all of the Startup Weekend logos, including beaker people in the Organizer’s Toolkit.

Some of the most influential promotional devices we have to date can be found in social media. They provide a great avenue for conversation and attendee engagement leading up to, during, and after the event. Don’t hesitate to share your event’s successes such as sponsors, catering, coaches, judges, speakers, etc. - people want to hear a success story and be a part of it.

  • Create a Facebook page and encourage attendees to “Like” the page so they can share the event with their friends. Keep it constantly updated with the latest news, information, and general excitement surrounding your event.

  • Set up your event’s Twitter account (@SW[City], #sw[city]), and tweet everything! Attendees will appreciate the updates on anything from newly secured Coaches, to when food is served throughout the event.

  • At your event, use a Twitter wall application to display Tweets from everyone posting to your event hashtag. This is a great way to get people engaged and excited about using social media.