Each Startup Weekend will be provided a Community Site page for your event on the local community site (received in your welcome package). Having a fun and content rich website for your city’s event will likely be the most effective way to convert traffic into registrations. The website will often be the first contact attendees and many influential members of the community will have with your event. Make it count! Each site includes:

  1. A header/logo that adheres to the branding and naming requirements listed below.
  2. The event’s coaches, judges, and speakers.
  3. The Startup Weekend global sponsor bar.
  4. A page/section dedicated to online ticketing.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, all organizers are required to use the site provided. This will ensure that your team has everything you need on the local site and allows attendees to find event details and consistent messaging/branding across events.

The importance of keeping the website active and current is something we cannot stress enough. Be creative and engage your community through blog posts and other media.

Another way to engage visitors is through videos. We have plenty of past event footage that will get visitors excited about participating. You can find the embed code on YouTube or just ask us for it!

Our goal at Techstars is to make website management painless as easy as possible for you. We will:

  • Set up the domain and site with our Community Site layout and give you and your fellow organizers full administrator access

  • Create the ticketing page within Eventbrite (with standard ticket types and prices) and embed into the event’s registration page

  • Design a customized header (you can request one here) referencing your city. If you’d like, you are welcome to try your hand at logo design as long as you follow the branding requirements listed below.

To learn how to navigate our community sites make sure to watch the Community Site How to Videos linked here.