Upload your Receipts
If you have paid for expenses using a personal card or account, you will be reimbursement from Startup Weekend HQ. We ask that you submit one budget summary for the entire team within 7 days of the event date. This report should include all related receipts. We will send you full reimbursement to your Paypal account quickly and efficiently, usually around 7 business days.

Fill in your Expense info

To make our payment process faster, we have moved our reimbursement process to our Community Leader Tools (CLT), also known as SWOOP! If you are not familiar with CLT, here is what you need to know:


1. Log in to SWOOP (Community Leader Tools).

If this is your first time logging into SWOOP, your login ID should be the email or social network you listed in your event application. If you are unable to login, please reach out to your Regional Manager for help.


2.Fill out the expense form within SWOOP and select your preferred payment.

  • Select the ‘Expense’ tab on the left side of the page
  • Click ‘Add an Expense’
  • Enter in the all the required details (do this for each of her expenses)
  • Once you have all the expenses uploaded, click ‘Submit All Expenses’


Please note: In the application you will be asked to submit all receipts for:

a) Expenses which you have paid for using funds advanced to you by SW
b) Expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.