With Community Chest, we’re putting 50% of all event proceeds right into the community, to be used by organizers to support initiatives they think entrepreneurs need. Organizing teams will be able to decide on the use of funds at the time of their event financial wrapup.

We work closely with Community Leaders to help identify opportunities to use Community Chest funds in super effective ways. In every case, the funds are used to support local events, projects, or initiatives that support the local entrepreneurial community.

Where does the other 50% go? Good question, the remainder of the event revenue is reinvested in Startup Weekend to support the program globally. These funds specifically enable our team to:

  • Build tools to support community leaders around the world (like SWOOP, invoicing tools, etc.)
  • Provide event level support to organizers through Regional Managers
  • Bring your Community Leaders to Regional and Global Summits
  • Grow our program on a global scale. Take a look at our  latest Impact report.