What is a Workshop, Bootcamp?

Creating a Workshop

Editing The Workshop

What is a Workshop, Bootcamp?

An information session that can help potential attendees maximize their potential at a Startup Weekend. You can help educate attendees on pitches, business models, or even make it a networking event.

Creating a Workshop

  1. Go to the Related Event’s section in CLT related events.gif

  2. You have the option to select any of the options for your workshop, don’t worry if you pick the wrong one. These choices are meant to highlight your options.

  3. Select “Organize Now”  Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.38.09 PM.png

  4. A pop-up will appear on the screen, depending on the template you have selected it will auto-fill the information related-events-organize.gif

    1. Event Name: The name of the workshop

    2. Description: Auto-fill from the template, make sure to edit as you desire

    3. Proposed Date: Choose a date for the event

    4. Proposed Venue: Write in a venue, if you don’t have one leave it empty

    5. Proposed Partner: Sometimes a Workshop will be sponsored by a another org if the option is available

  5. Select Create Event, click this onceit may take a while to load the event

  6. Your Regional Manager will be notified of the event once it’s created, this is the time to change the date when they reach out to you

Editing The Workshop

  1. Once you have generated a template, you can always find your event and it’s status in the Related Events sectionorganize-re.gif

  2. Select “Organize” to edit your Workshop, you will be redirected to another CLT event page where you can freely edit your event and details like a regular Startup Program

  3. To Switch between Workshops, Startup Weekends go to the upper right and click on the name