The schedule tab functions as a way to notify attendees the itinerary for the Weekend. From when to arrive to when dinner is served.

Edit the Dates

  1. The Dates found on your Schedule can only be changed by your Regional Managerclt-schedule-days.gif

  2. Organizer’s cannot change the dates as that would require undergoing a postponement process, which is why one is unable to change the dates

Edit the Name and Description of the Schedule

  1. Hover over the Edit function and select it a screen should pop up enabling you to editclt-schedule-edit.gif

  2. Select the function you want to edit, Time, Name, and Description then select SAVE clt-schedule-edit-finction.gif

  3. Your changes should appear on the Event Page within 20 minutes  clt-schedule-event-pages.gif

Adding an event on the Calendar

Sometimes organizer’s need more activities in the calendar, adding another scheduled item is straightforward

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Schedule Page and select “+ Add a Schedule Itemclt-add-schedule.gif

  2. Fill in the appropriate information, date, time, name, and description then hit save clt-edit-function-sched.gif

Deleting a Schedule Item

  1. Go to the selected item and click “Remove”clt-sched-remove.gif

Resetting the Schedule

  1. In case there is an error or the entire schedule needs to change simply click on “Reset to Default Scheduleclt-reset-sched.gif