The Details Tab

The following will showcase how to edit and find your Community Event Page, along with finding help and promotional resources

Find your Event Page URL

  1. Click on the Details tab in CLT

  2. Your event page will populate here Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.58.07 PM.png

    1. Note: The last 4 digits is your SWOOP ID

  3. You cannot view the event page until your Regional Manager publishes it

Changing your Event URL

If the event url is something you do not like we are able to make slight adjustments to the city URL. For instance can be changed to email the support team at  

How to change the name of your Event

  1. Below the Community Site URL in the Details tab, you will find the EVENT NAME field

  2. Input the name for the event clt-event-name.gif

  3. Select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.13.34 PM.png

  4. The changes should replicate on your event page, it may take up to 48hrs to show up

Updating the Description and Headline for your Event Page

  1. All templates generated lack a description and headline, filling it out is easy. Otherwise your event page will appear blank:Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.18.30 PM.png

  2. Fill in the appropriate information for your event in the HEADLINE and DESCRIPTION, that is up to your discretion Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.26.05 PM.png

  3. Click Save

  4. The information will show up on your event pages, this can take up to 20 minutes Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.27.08 PM.png

Uploading a Banner for your Event Page

  1. Head to the Images section, select UPLOAD A NEW FILE 

  2. Choose a file from various outlets

  3. For best Banner Practices read this Document

    1. Tip: The Banner Text on the Event Pages is White, make sure to select darker banner’s or design them so they do not overlay over the White Text

Removing a Banner from your Event Page

  1. Scroll down to images and simply select REMOVE

Upload a Promo Image

The Community Sites uses title images to showcase interesting upcoming events, if there is no Promo image the Tile will be empty as seen below on the left 

  1. Go to the image section and simply select “Upload a New File” 

  2. To remove a promo image select “Remove

  3. Remember to SAVE

Update Venue Information

Updating the Event Page helps our systems put your event on the map and help attendees find the event the day of. This shows up on the event page here: 

  1. Scroll down to the Venue Section and simply fill in the proper information

Updating Social Media Details

The social media section helps us collect data to track events, as well as providing sponsors ways to reach out to your team for resources!

  1. Update the Twitter Handle and TagScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.21.22 PM.png

    1. Tip: Do not use two “@” eg: @@swseads

Tracking Page Views using Google Analytics

Organizer’s have the option to input a Google Analytics links to see where users are viewing pages from

  1. Scroll down to the Analytics section and input the Tracking ID Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.30.15 PM.png

  2. Click here for step by step instructions on generating a tracking link

Changing the Video for the Event Page

The event page has a standard Startup Weekend video, you can change the video in the Details tab in the Video section  Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.42.35 PM.png

  1. To change it simply copy and paste a video URL from Youtube or Vimeo Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 4.48.26 PM.png

    1. Tip: The Event Page only supports one Video

  2. Select Save to save your changes

Promotional Codes

You can find your promotional code here, they will appear 1 week before your event


Publish Your Event Page

Once you have filled out all the pertinent information your event on your event page and ticketing you are ready to publish your event. SWOOP will inform you if the event pages are not published by showcasing the following Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.05.11 PM.png

  1. Email your Regional Manager to activate your page

  2. Your event url will now work

  3. The event will appear on the Startup Weekend global map

  4. The event will appear on the Community Sites