The “Overview” tab is the place to get a quick glance of your event’s finances. It is important to remember that the data reflected here only represents our official records, so unreimbursed expenses and unpaid invoices will not be included on this page. If your event is not selling tickets through Eventbrite, then unfortunately you won’t see data about your ticketing revenue until after your event.

Unfortunately, events in Brazil are not supported at this time for the ‘Overview’ tab, as we are still in the process of setting up and integrating with our new bank accounts in that region.

All financial values are converted to your local currency. If your overview page is displaying data in USD instead of your local currency, ask your regional manager to edit the currency of your event to be accurate.

Before your Event

Before your event, you will only see data for ticketing revenue (if available) and paid invoices. Ticketing revenue is updated daily and may not reflect the absolute true amount in real time.

After your Event 

After your event’s financials have been processed, the overview page will be an accurate representation of exactly the funds you earned and any Community Chest data that is available. Any money remaining in your community chest will be displayed on the top of the page as “Community Chest Balance”. If you’ve spent any of your Community Chest, it will be displayed under “Expenses” as “Community Chest Expense”. Under “Expenses”, you will also see the amount of funds from your event that were donated to TECHSTARS.