1. Go to SWOOP.UP.CO

  2. Login using the following options GMAIL, TWITTER, or LINKEDIN you provided in the event application

  3. Verify your account through the prospective Platforms once your account is verified you will see the following screen SWOOP-main page.gif


If you are having trouble logging into SWOOP you can use the following two methods to seek help

Using the Widget

  1. You can use the “Feedback & Support” Widget on the right hand side to submit a ticket swoop-troubleshoot login.gif

  2. State your error, the event city and date. Be sure to include a Twitter, Linkedin, or GMAIL that you would like as your preferred access

Contacting your Regional Manager

  1. Look for your Region, Country, or State to find your Regional Managerswoop-rm-email.gif

  2. Click on their name to send an email

    1. State your issue

    2. The city, date of your event

    3. Your preferred method of logging into SWOOP