The headline text in the banner area isn't default text as much as it is key information about your event automatically rendered into the banner space; there isn't a way to hide that right now.


The community sites offer a new way to think about how event pages work. We suggest taking a different approach to what your event banner does for your event page experience.


The guidance we've been offering other teams is:


  • consider imagery that represents the community and is engaging without offering key information (information in pictures isn't really helpful to users who have disabilities and rely on screen readers)
  • consider imagery that adds to the experience rather than repeating information the platform generates for you automatically
  • consider imagery that doesn't rely on a specific screen size to work. For example, a particular image that works on a full screen browser on my laptop might not work for other laptops and screen sizes, even without the text information overlay.

We are happy to create a custom banner for your site, please fill out this request form.