Your programs often enjoy the benefit of "word of mouth" marketing. But we want the Community Sites platform to help entrepreneurs find your events. We built the platform to serve search engines as well as the interests of humans.

The old "" URL structure was easy to remember and share. But there is a missed opportunity to communicate your event's relationship to other information like communities, programs, and other events.

This is where the SEO concerns come in and why Community Sites live under one domain. Your event benefits from the shared credibility of the entire ecosystem.

We accommodate human concerns as well. Community Sites redirects short URLs to the longer format. For example, "" redirects to "". To see this in action, try visiting

Moreover, paths carry through on the redirect. For example "" redirects to "". Try

We also have a special path just for events. "" redirects to "". Try

We understand there are some complex ideas here, but our goal is for the platform serve your SEO needs while maintaining the simplicity that works for your community. 

If you feel as if there is an error with your URL please reach out to the Support team at or create a ticket, with your current URL and event ID. 

Eg: Poor URL:

Good URL: